Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The launch of a minigame,and review of end of the day.

After i posted the message that my mouse were broken,i wen't to the living room to watch some tv,then i started playing with a program of scripting in c# that i downloaded yesterday on my celphone(C# Shell,look on google play).
I did on it a little idle rpg game,that you can leave turned on while you are doing what ever you want.
The game is a simple console window,that once opened,the character will look for battle,then keep killing the enemies it finds to get exp until reachs level 100.And all actions happens with a second of delay.
But beware,not everytime the character will win the battle.

You can download the minigame here:

Also,my mouse started acting like "i'll click when ever i want",then passed to "i will take a little break,shake-me to make-me work again".

The situation is now resolved,my mouse were replaced by a brick another mouse that is a bit bigger than the other i were using,without counting that it's quite sticky.
Well,at least is better than nothing,and i can be back to deving as soon as possible,or at least tomorrow,because now is my spree time.

Well,until next news,and i hope you guys like that little Idle RPG.

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